Jennings Wedding | The Castle at Rockwall | May 16th, 2015

Meet Lacie & Everett Jennings. Seriously one of the sweetest couples I have ever met. I took their engagement pictures when I first started dabbling in this photography business and I was taken away when they asked me to capture their wedding. I was terrified as I had never shot a wedding before, but luckily I had time. I had time to learn, fail, shadow, grow, and build a style that fit me. After working with some really amazing people, and collaborating with other amazing photographers by the time their wedding got here, I felt confident. Their wedding was stunning, I mean its not everyday you get to go to a wedding in a REAL castle!! Especially after their original venue cancelled on them last minute. I am so glad I got to be a part of their fairytale wedding, I look forward to more shoots of them and their family throughout the years. Congrats you guys, you are beautiful. <3