Addison, Tx Photography Workshop

I love connecting with other photographers,whether it is to help them out with an upcoming wedding or event, or to even attend an amazing workshop. Jodi Washington from Double-You Photography reached out to me inviting me to attend a workshop in Addison, Tx. I am so glad I decided to participate in it, not only were there several other amazing photographers there, it was just so fun to get to learn everyone's techniques, quirks, personalities that make them into such great photographers. We got to shoot at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison after hours which was totally cool! I had never been there before so I was in sensory overload with the planes on top of hanging out with a slew of other photographers to learn and grow and just get some great shots. Lorena Burns was one of the other photographers holding the workshop as well and had a couple there modeling the workshop. Well here is the take on what I came out of this workshop with, a couple shots I wanted to share with you guys. The models were seriously gorgeous, and they couldn't of picked a better location. <3

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The first couple is Double You Photgraphy's clients! They are both actively in the Navy, aren't they absolutely precious? :)

The second couple is Lorena Burns Photography's clients! Tasia is an actual model, which was pretty awesome!! These are her and her fiance's shoot! <3

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